Venice, Italy is the next place I would love to go next. These are a couple pictures my dad took while he was there last spring. He was lucky enough to be able to take his 6th graders and this was one of their stops. My dad was able to go on the romantic boat … More Venice

Food and Beer

My favorite part of traveling is being able to try so many unique foods and drinks. There are many stories of culture and life within the food and where is comes from. One of the most prominent beer companies was actually created in Ireland. Guinness beer was first created in Ireland and there is a … More Food and Beer

The Aran Islands

These beautiful island are off the coast of Ireland. There are three islands all next to each other, but you can only visit the biggest or smallest island. There are boats that go to the islands from both Galway and Clare, taking about 30 minutes each way. I was lucky enough to visit the bigger … More The Aran Islands

The Castles

One of the most amazing parts about Ireland is being able to just drive around and find castle ruins wherever you go. These ruins show the culture and history that comes with being in this beautiful country. As the pictures show the ruins and even a cannon are left there as if nothing has ever … More The Castles

The Beginning

The world traveler is a blog I am starting, to write about the journeys I have been on and the ones I am so excited to do in the future. This blog is a place for me to explore the experiences I have had while roaming in areas like Ireland, Italy, or even the closer destinations like DC or Hawaii.  I want … More The Beginning