The Beginning

The world traveler is a blog I am starting, to write about the journeys I have been on and the ones I am so excited to do in the future. This blog is a place for me to explore the experiences I have had while roaming in areas like Ireland, Italy, or even the closer destinations like DC or Hawaii.  I want to be able to journal my experiences in a way that my audience can really get the feel of the culture, landscape, and life that I was able to see and have. When I am able to go out and see something I read on another blog or experience ancient traditions it fuels my mind and this feeling is what I hope to give to my readers. I would love to be able to inspire others to go out and see the world as I am. While I continue my blog I will be covering the destinations that I have been, both in and out of the country, explaining what the best places to hit along the way are. My desire for this blog is that my readers will be able to learn more about a destination that they may have been thinking of going to or even just figuring out where they want t0 go next based on the journey that I am sharing. Traveling is something that I have absolutely fallen in love with over the years being able to indulge myself into it with my family. This yearn I have to just be somewhere new and immerse myself into so many different worlds is what I want to give to my readers whether they are seeking to do it as well or even just to live through the posts I share I want everyone to have the opportunity to see what I am lucky enough to be able to do. One of my inspirations and a blog that I love to read is a women who travels the world by herself and shares all her encounters for her own readers to learn and live through her blogs. (Links to an external site.)



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