Costa Rica round 1

The beautiful world of rainforests, warm beaches, and fiery volcanoes all in one place. Costa Rica was something that I have been intrigued by because of the stunning landscapes that contrast with the old historic villages which are scattered around within.

I began my trek through a rainforest, down hundreds of steps to get to a hidden waterfall pouring out of a wall of green brush. I stood there for a while just spinning around admiring the calmness of the spot with the craziness of the people and animals all around me. This was the tourist spot to be so after I was able to escape the rush I was so excited to find a small market off the side of the road. It was filled with hand made crafts ranging from shoes and clothes to these carts and wheels. I walked through the market admiring the locals working on their crafts, perfecting it to a T.

As I continued my journey I was fortunate enough to be able to stop along the road whenever I wanted, the best one being on a tiny dirt road in the middle of a countryside. I decided to get out to look at some cool plants, as pictured below, and as I got out I could immediately hear the roaring of the monkeys. This was probably one of the coolest experiences I have ever had, especially because I am such an animal lover and I drool over any animal I see.

I would have to say the must stop places to hit are definitely any small markets or food places on the side of the roads because those are always the most authentic and you get the full cultural experiences. The people I met along these stops were so helpful and excited to share their knowledge. Always remember the best places are always the ones that not many people have traveled before.



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