I have actually been lucky enough to travel to Italy twice because my dad takes his students there for an educational trip.  I was ecstatic to go to Italy because I had learned so much about it in school.

When I travel the best part for me is being able to see all the different aesthetics shown in the architecture of the buildings and the old stories shown in the landscaping. In  Italy everything feels medieval and like you’re walking through an entirely different century. The art that is kept so perfect for centuries and the buildings that have been standing since the beginning of time are absolutely amazing to witness in person.

For anyone planning on traveling to Italy next I would recommend walking down the cobblestone streets and just walking into any church you find. They are all so breathtaking inside and it shows all of Italy’s beauty in one stop.

These are a couple of pictures taken by my dad after we had walked through some old churches just wandering around the city. As you can see it is absolutely worth is to just amerce yourself into the experience.




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