Working With the Locals

My absolute favorite part of being in Costa Rica was being able to visit with the locals and bring supplies to this small school out in the middle of no where. We had been driving on this bus for hours and it seemed like we were going no where until we stopped in front of a tiny one room building. It was such a humbling experience to learn that this was the only school for the entire town and that one women taught all the kids ranging from preschool to high school.

There were about 20 kids in the entire village who came here everyday, some walking up to 3 miles just to get there. It was such a wonderful experience to be able to bring them toys and school supplies and to just be able to play with them for a while. This is definitely something I would recommend when you travel here to find a small village and participate in their life style even if its just for a day. (Links to an external site.)

If you have enjoyed what you have read so far this blog is similar to what I want to continue to do with my blog and also a bit of my inspiration. It is one girl who takes you on her traveling experiences around the world. She gives a lot of background with her entire traveling process and even how she chooses her destinations.



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